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S. Korea picked as world's most advanced info tech country
제목 없음 South Korea leads the world in the level of advancement of information and communication technology (ICT), according to government officials Thursday.

   South Korea topped the list of this year's ICT Development Index among 152 countries, according to an emailed statement from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), which cited an annual ranking compiled by International Telecommunication Union.

   The country ranked third last year and second in 2009.

   The index takes into consideration multiple indicators to assess the level of ICT development, including ICT access, use and skills, the number of households with a computer, the number of broadband Internet users and literacy rates.

   Sweden, which topped the index for three years in a row through 2010, dropped to second, followed by Iceland, Denmark and Finland, according to the officials.

   South Korea showed a particularly notable development in the number of Internet subscribers and the level of access to communications service, according to the statement.

   South Korea had the largest number of households with Internet access and the biggest number of wireless broadband service among the surveyed countries.

   The number of the fixed-line broadband Internet subscribers was the fourth-largest, it said.

Source: Yonhap News (Sept. 16, 2011)

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