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CJ Foodville Opens More Stores in China, Vietnam
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CJ Foodville Corp., South Korea's largest restaurant franchise, said Thursday it has opened two more bakeries in Vietnam and China in a bid to tap deeper into the markets.

The company said it opened its 15th branch of Tous Les Jours, the company's bakery brand, in Vietnam on Wednesday, while launching its 11th store in China on the same day.

Tous Les Jours was the first South Korean bakery brand to make inroads into the Southeast Asian market by launching an outlet in Vietnam in 2007.

CJ Foodville now has 47 Tous Les Jours stores overseas, including 17 in the United States. There are some 1,300 stores in South Korea.

The company said it plans to establish its first bakery shop in Malaysia and Cambodia in August and set up more outlets in Indonesia and the Philippines.

CJ Foodville is the restaurant operating arm of CJ Group, a South Korean food and media conglomerate.

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Source: Yonhap News (Apr. 26, 2012)

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