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South Korea to Operate Task Force for Rush of Tourists from China, Japan
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The government is planning a special task force to prepare for an expected influx of Chinese and Japanese tourists in the country during China's Labor Day holidays and Golden Week in Japan.

Officials from the Culture Ministry, Seoul City, Busan City, Jeju Province and the tourism industry discussed the operation of what they are calling an "integrated situation team" from Friday through May 6 to improve services for such foreign tourists. China celebrates Labor Day on May 1 and Japan's Golden Week runs from April 29 through May 5.

The special team will monitor accommodation, tourist guides, food and shopping and provide support to quickly solve any inconvenience or complaints from foreign tourists.

The ministry expects an estimated 320,000 to 340,000 foreign tourists will visit Korea between April 25 and May 5, including an expected 20,000 Chinese and 130,000 Japanese tourists.

The ministry hopes to enhance the image of Korean tourism by operating the team, a ministry official said, adding that activities such as market vendors demanding exorbitant prices, unqualified tour guides and illegal operation of taxis will be part of a crackdown designed to minimize tourist complaints.

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Source: Yonhap News (Apr. 27, 2012)

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