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Korea Shares Civil Aviation Knowhow with Developing Nations
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South Korea will share advanced aviation-related policy knowhow with developing countries as part of its contribution to promoting safety and efficiency in global civilian flight services, the government said Monday.

To that end, the government kicked off a six-day policy program that runs through Saturday and aims to pass on Seoul's experiences in flight planning policies, airport construction and management to civil aviation representatives from 15 countries, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs said.

South Korea ranks sixth in the world in flight services offered and related infrastructure, and has ranked at the top in aviation safety. This impressive record has made it a role model for countries interested in expanding their own civil aviation sectors.

The 15 representatives from countries such as Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Thailand will also visit the country's aviation system development center and get first hand insight into local flight support infrastructure.

The ministry said foreign representatives will be briefed on Korean-developed aviation safety systems currently in operation and the country's competitiveness in building airports.

It said that inviting foreign representatives can help improve the global aviation sector as well as fuel personnel and technology tie-ups that can allow local companies to make inroads into overseas markets that want to update flight policies, build or update new airports, and receive expert consulting.

The program is the second of its kind after the first launched in 2011, the ministry said.

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Source: Yonhap News (May 21, 2012)

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