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Samsung Outperforms Competitors in North American TV Market: NPD Group
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South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. outperformed its competitors in the flat panel television market in North America last month in its road to clinching the title of the biggest seller of television sets in the region for the seventh straight year.

Samsung's North American flat panel television market share was 33.6 percent in November, up from the previous record of 29.1 percent a month earlier, according to statistics released by the NPD Group, a leading North American market research company, Sunday.

Samsung's television market share in North America was 29.8 percent for the first 11 months this year.

Samsung outshined in every category last month with its share of the LCD television market reaching 30.6 percent, the LED television market 43.7 percent, the smart television market 37.5 percent, the 3D television market 44.5 percent and the PDP television market 61.9 percent.

The Black Friday shopping season in the U.S. in late November contributed to the whopping sales of Samsung products with sales increasing more than 10 percent during the season compared with the previous year, Samsung officials said.

"We've been leading the television market trend with the early introduction of LED, 3D and smart televisions," a Samsung spokesman said. "We are marketing 75-inch smart television set ES9000 and other larger-scale premium television line-ups to catch up with American consumers who prefer large televisions."

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Source: Yonhap News (Dec. 23, 2012)

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