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BASF set to open R&D center in S. Korea this week

According to Yonhap News,

(SEOUL=Yonhap News) The global chemicals maker BASF SE said Wednesday its new electronic materials research and development (R&D) center in South Korea is set to open this week, paving the way for global collaboration in the semiconductor and display sectors of the country.


"At the new electronic materials R&D center, we will bring together two things, combine our global research, which we have, and we combine it here in Korea with local companies," said Dr. Boris Jenniches, vice president of BASF's electronics materials business in the Asia-Pacific region in a meeting with reporters.

"The R&D center in Korea is actually a part of a very big global network we built for the electronics industry, and (we have) the majority of our electronics businesses in Asia," he added.

The Asia-Pacific R&D center, the first such BASF R&D facility in South Korea, is slated to open Thursday.

The facility, built on Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU) Suwon campus near Seoul, is to serve as an integrated hub for electronic materials research in the Asia-Pacific region, BASF said.

"We keep confidential with who we are cooperating and with what area, because this is also the interest of our customers. (Also), we are not collaborating with Korea in particular, we will also be collaborating with those industries in Japan and other countries."

The South Korean branch of BASF, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, is one of the top ten chemical companies here and currently has six production facilities across the country. The company set up the regional headquarters of its electronic materials business here earlier last year.

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Source: Yonhap News (September. 03, 2014)

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