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MSIP Invests KRW 29.5 Bn in Public Participation-Oriented R&D Project

(SEOUL=NEWSIS) The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) will promote a public participation-oriented research and development (R&D) project to resolve issues that are closely related to public welfare and convenience through science and technology.

In this project, the public will find problems and solutions by experiencing and inspecting technologies.

The ministry announced February 2 its work plan for 2015, which includes one new task in the living environment sector, two new tasks in the disaster and safety sector and 10 tasks in reducing the gap between social classes. It will invest KRW 29.5 billion (USD 27.04 million) in the project in 2015, of which KRW 12.5 billion will be used for new tasks.

For the living environment sector, the ministry will develop technologies for issues related to healthy lifestyles and a clean environment, including managing childhood obesity, responding to blue-green algae in drinking water and decreasing exposure to ultrafine particles.

For the disaster and safety sector, the new task will be to develop technologies for firefighting and rescue equipment and disaster simulation. The aim is to reduce public anxiety over manmade and social disasters and increase safety.

In an effort to reduce the gap between social classes, the ministry will focus on developing products and services for the underprivileged, including eco-friendly and highly efficient insulators to save heating costs in old houses and protection devices for seniors and dementia patients. It will invest KRW 5 billion in the sector.

With regards to the public participation-oriented R&D project, the ministry will establish a citizen research mentor group comprising experts in social policies and technologies, value evaluation, management and marketing and venture investment to produce results within two to three years.

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Source: Newsis (February. 02, 2015)

** This article was translated from the Korean.
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