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Davos Forum Participants Praise Korea Night 2015

(SEOUL=NEWSIS) Korea Night 2015, held at the Davos Forum last month, was a great success and received praise from forum participants, according to the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), which hosted the cultural event.


Participants were especially interested in the food and liquors of North Korea. Many tasted traditional North Korean liquors and tried traditional Korean food including nokdujeon (savory mung bean pancakes) and tarakjuk (corn porridge). The FKI said the night was an opportunity to introduce North Korea’s culture and lifestyles, which have been overlooked by people around the world due to the country’s negative image, including that associated with nuclear weapons and missiles.

The theme of Korea Night 2015 was the reunification of Korea, and its slogan was, “A Unified Korea, Infinite Possibilities.”

Participants sympathized with Korea’s message that its reunification will be a “jackpot” for the world, the idea of which appeared several times in the president’s video message and in speeches delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of FKI.

Korean scarves, which have been handed out to Korea Night participants for the last four years, have become an “it” item representing the event. They were so popular that participants of the night asked the organizer if they could have more than one.

Participants were also interested in the handkerchiefs made at the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Some foreigners, who did not know about the complex, were astonished by the fact that the handkerchiefs were “made in North Korea.”

During the cultural experience portion of the event, participants enjoyed taking pictures with selfie sticks.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (January. 23, 2015)

** This article was translated from the Korean.
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