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GM Korea Establishes 11.5MW Solar Power Facility in Changwon Plant

(SEOUL=NEWSIS) GM Korea announced March 11 that it established an 11.5 MW solar power facility in its Changwon plant in late February and began producing and supplying electricity.


This is to solidify GM Korea’s position as a leading eco-friendly company through enhancing investment in equipment for new and renewable energy.

The solar power facility, which has been built on the ceiling of the building and parking lot (155,000 ㎥) in the Changwon plant, is an environmentally friendly power-generating facility with high spatial efficiency.

The 11.5 MW power facility was built in three phases, from 2013 to March, 2015. It will produce 14,000 MWh of electricity annually, which will reduce about 9,200 tons of carbon emissions.

14,000 MWh of electricity can supply 4,600 households for a year. GM Korea plans to establish solar power facilities in other plants by reviewing project feasibility.

"GM Korea has been driving green growth by investing in the eco-friendly sector, including technology development through fuel reduction, resource recycling and production facilities that do not produce reclaimed waste. We will continue expanding our investment in the eco-friendly sector," said Sergio Rocha, CEO of GM Korea.

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Source: Newsis (March 11, 2015)

** This article was translated from the Korean.
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