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S. Korea boasts world's fastest Internet speed for 11th quarter
According to Yonhap News, 

(SEOUL=Yonhap News) South Korea has the world's fastest Internet connection speed for the 11th consecutive quarter, a private survey showed Friday.

South Korea's average Internet connection speed stood at 26.3 Mbps during the third quarter, marking the only country with a speed of over 25 Mbps, according to the survey by online content delivery network firm Akamai Korea.

Hong Kong came in second with a speed of 20.1 Mbps, followed by Norway with 20 Mbps.

The world's average Internet connection speed stood at 6.3 Mbps for the third quarter, up 21 percent from the same quarter last year.

In terms of the penetration of broadband Internet with speeds of 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps and 25 Mbps, South Korea maintained its No. 1 spot with penetration rates of 78 percent, 61 percent and 34 percent, respectively, the survey showed.

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Source: Yonhap News (Dec. 16, 2016)

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