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KEC and the environment ministry to help water businesses in KWC grasp opportunities to enter international markets

According to Yonhap News,

Korea Environment Corporation (KEC) and the Ministry of Environment announced a business support plan, which starts from June 1, to cover the cost of online ad materials as part of non-contact marketing strategies and overseas market expansion, targeting those planning to move into the national water cluster (Korea Water Cluster) based in Daegu city.

KEC was commissioned to run the Korea Water Cluster (KWC), which mainly aims to match between overseas buyers and water businesses staying in the cluster, so as to help them focus primarily on technologies and products appealing to customers.

The support plan that rolled out this time switched to non-contact from in-person methods to reduce the risks and concerns over the spread of the coronavirus.

Both agencies also agreed to get ready to make personalized business consulting services that include market analysis or research work prior to the development of global market expansion well underway from the upcoming months.

In addition, they’ll step in and provide funds to make customized online marketing materials such as E-brochures or video ads largely consumed overseas.
Once produced, the materials are going to be distributed and reach out to global subscribers via official channels like Global Water Tech Hub Alliance, a partnership formed among six member countries and Korea Water Cluster website.

KEC and the environment ministry are also pushing ahead with a series of joint-research activities among members in an attempt to help water-stressed countries like Australia. Directly applicable ideas brought by these scientists are believed to be good sources to solve different types of water problems throughout the world. This also helps form global sales networks for many water businesses.

The agencies will pick the top 10 scorers, who earned the highest grades at the performance assessment in the selection process, to give financial aids up to KRW 10 million each, taking multiple dimensions to be rated such as business potential, possibilities to develop global expansion etc. into full consideration.

-For more information, you can visit
-Anyone interested can apply via from Jun. 1 to Jun. 12.

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Source: Yonhap News (May 31 , 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.
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