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Invest KOREA Bulletin January 2014
investkorea bulletin
Download a PDF of the full Invest KOREA Bulletin here
We've compiled a list of recent new investors in Korea

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- Mercedes-Benz to Open R&D Center in Korea
- Invest KOREA Holds Foreign CEO Forum
- GCFand WB Headquarters Open in Songdo
- Korea's Economy to Grow Faster in 2014

Parts Make the Whole
The growing competitiveness of Korea's parts and materials industry contributes significantly to Korea's strong trade performance

A Model of Japanese Investment
Material technology manufacturer Dongwoo Fine-Chem has grown alongside Korea's emergence as an IT powerhouse

Trading on Innovation
Mitsui Korea partners with Korean companies to grow and innovate together

The CEO Forum for Foreign-Invested Companies 2013
The Foreign Investment Ombudsman emphasized transparency, consistency and predictability of government policies to attract FDI at the CEO Forum

Tax Amendments for 2014: Part II

Changes in Foreigner Registration Matters That Require Notification & Notification of Change of Sojourn Place

Gumi, Where Investment Leads to Success

An Introduction to the Investment Aftercare Division

For the foreign investor with children, Korea's international/foreign schools offer
quality and varied educational choices
Korea's economic indicators at a glance, plus a notable number of the month
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