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[Busan] Centum City Visual Industry Center

Centum City Visual Industry Center  view(Azworks, Cultural contents, complex, Korean Flim Council, Visual industrial complex, Busan Cinema Center)

Centum City Visual Industry Center

Mecca of advanced picture contents culture

  • Location : 39 Centumseo-ro, Haeundae-gu (1466-2 U-dong, Centum Innovation District)
  • Business : picture contents culture
  • Incentives : Lower rent than the nearby apartment-type factory due to the center is built on the public property
  • Development
    • Information industrial complex: software, pictures, animation, internet data center, Asia-Pacific Gateway, etc.
    • Urban entertainment: world-class urban recreational facilities and large department stores
    • Residential and commercial facilities: apartment, discount stores and small- and medium-sized stores, etc.
    • International business zone: skyscraper complexes functioning as housing and business facilities

To become the global hub of picture contents industry by creating the state-of-the-art business environment and attracting amenities.

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