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[Dae-gu] Korea Water Cluster

■ Development of Korea Water Cluster

ㅇ Location : Within Daegu National Industrial Park
ㅇ Period : 2015~2018 (4 years)
ㅇ Area/Budget : 650,000㎡ / USD 248 million (KRW 295 billion)
ㅇ Facilities : Water Industry Promotion Center (70,000㎡), Test-bed & Demo-plant (100,000㎡), Industrial Complex (480,000㎡)
ㅇ Developed by : The Ministry of Environment

■ Neighboring Industrial Complexes

ㅇ Daegu Technopolis : Support R&D field of National Industrial Complex
  - Multi-functional high-tech complex well balanced with research, business, housing, education, culture, and leisure opportunities

  - Area : 7.2 million ㎡ (Self-sustaining city with population of approx 50,000)

  - Industry field: Automotive, machinery & mechatronics, electronics, research institutes, ect.
ㅇ Seongseo Industrial Complex & Dalseong Industrial Complex : Urban Industrial complexes
  - Textiles, dyeing processing, machinery & materials, ect.
ㅇ Daegu Dyeing Industrial Complex :  Urban Industrial complex
- Clothing fabrics, dyeing processing, ect. 

■ Strength

ㅇ Convenient accessibility
  - Access to Changwon, Ulsan and Pohang within an hour
   * 8 expressways, KTX, international airports (Daegu, Gimhae), 4 international ports
  - 15 minutes to the city center (thorugh mortorways)
  - Adjacent to Hyeonpung IC of Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway 

ㅇ Livable urban environment
  - Education : City with the nation's best academic achievement
  - Culture : Various cultural performances all year round
  - Healthcare : High quality healthcare services available from 12 general hospitals and over 3,000 medical facilities
ㅇ Center of the Nakdong River Belt

ㅇ R&D hub of Yeongnam region
  - Over 50 R&D institutions, incl. DGIST, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, ect.
  - 22.25㎢ of Gyoengsang City designated as R&D Special Zone
  - ITS-based intelligent automotive parts testing site located near the complex (construction completed in Apr. 2014)
  - High-tech Medical Complex
ㅇ Plentiful supply of manpower
  - Over 50 local universities and specialized educational institutions supply 50,000 skilled technical manpower every year
  - 135 R&D centers able to cooperate with businesses (over 4,800 research manpower)
ㅇ Agglomeration of related companies
  - Water industry-related companies (over 1,800) : Service consulting and engineering (760); water-related construction (123); water-related equipment and goods manufacturing (696); sewage/waste water treatment (109); water supply-related (81)
  - Key components manufacturers (over 3,300) : Machinery and metal (1,241); auto parts (284); electrical/electronics (186); medical (97); chemical (40); textile (639); and others (751)

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