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[Jeonbuk] Gimje Horizon General Industrial Complex (Gimje Free Trade Zone)

■ Gimje Horizon General Industrial Complex Overview

  • Location : Bugeo-ri, Baeksan-myeon, Gimje City, North Jeolla Province
  • Size: 2.986 million㎡
  • Targeted Industries
    - Other machinery and equipment, electronic parts, electrical equipment, automobile, processed metal

■ Transportation

  • Expressway : Honam Expressway South Jeonju IC ↔Seoul (2 hours and 10 minutes)
    Seohaean Expressway South Gimje IC ↔Seoul (2 hours and 10 minutes)
  • Railway : Gimje (KTX)↔Seoul(1 hour and 21 minutes)
  • Airport : Gunsan International Airport (40 minutes)
  • Port : Gunsan Port (45 minutes)li>

■ Gimje Free Trade Zone Overview

  • Location : Bugeo-ri, Baeksan-myeon, Gimje City, North Jeolla Province
  • Size : 990,000 ㎡
  • Targeted Industries
    - Manufacturing industries (Foreign-invested companies / Korean exporting companies)
    - Electronic parts, communication equipment, electrical equipment, other machinery and equipment, automobiles and trailers
  • Benefits
    - Free land lease : 50 years (Can be renewed, up to 100 years)
    - National tax : Corporate tax and income tax exempted for five years
    - Local tax : Acquisition tax, registration tax and property tax exempted for 15 years

■ Infrastructure

  • Water: Industrial water 10,407㎥/day, water for living 2,254㎥/day
  • Electricity : Installed substations in districts (154KV/22.9KV)
  • Gas : Jeonbuk City Gas
  • Wastewater: Treated at Gimje community wastewater treatment facility (7,000㎥/day))

■ Expected Effect

  • Build an industrial complex to meet the site demands for new industries related to the Saemangeum project
  • Develop a comprehensive industrial complex that consists of production, living and business
  • Focus on attracting investment from foreigners and exporting companies in the free trade zone
  • Plan to attract 30 companies in the automotive parts, agricultural machinery and root industries
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