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[Jeonbuk] Saemangeum Industrial Complex, a Global Business Hub


  • Location: Saemangeum Reclaimed Land (near Gunsan National Industrial Complex 2)
  • Gross Area: 18.5㎢
  • Period: 2008~2030 (phase-in)
  • Target Sector: automotive parts, high-tech materials, chemical, new renewable energy, etc.

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • By Road (Expressway) : Honam. Seohaean, Gwangju-Daegu expressways
  • By Railway : Saemangeum Port Inland Railway (47.6km), Gunjang Industrial Complex Inland Railway (28.6km), KTX Honam, KTX Iksan-Seoul (1 hr)
  • By Air: Saemangeum International Airport (open in 2028), Gunsan Airport (1hr drive to Gwangju, 3hr to Incheon and 1.5 hr to Cheongju)
  • By Sea : Saemangeum New Port (2 berths for vessels with 50,000 DWT in 2025, 4 berths for vessels with 50,000 DWT in 2030, a 14- meter-depth of the water route 14 meters, a port hinterland as large as 4,514,000 ㎢)
  • Saemangeum Roads (2030) : the construction of arterial roads (L=20.7km, 6 lanes)

Major Infrastructure  

Expected Outcomes

  • An eco-friendly, multifunctional complex that covers industrial and residential areas
  • A green city equipped with high-tech industries that harmonize with the green areas that cover about 20% of the industrial complex
  • A soon-to-be comprehensive bonded zone which provides full exemption from customs duties
  • A leading city of future-oriented, high-tech industries such as parts and materials, machinery, automobile, ship building, and etc.
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