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[Jeonbuk] A New Hub of Korean Science and Technology Industry, Jeongeup Advanced Science & Technology Complex


  • Location : Sinjeong-dong, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Gross Area : 896,321㎡
  • Period : 2007 ~ 2014 (phase 1), Planning of phase 2 is underway
  • Target Sector : machinery, chemical engineering, electronic equipment, medicine, automotive parts

Jeongeup Advanced Science & Technology Complex

Location and Access

  • By Sea/ Air
    - Gunsan New Port 50㎞ (2 berths for vessels with 50,000 DWT in 2025, 4 berths for vessels with 50,000 DWT in 2030)
    - Gunsan Airport ( Saemangeum International Airport), Gwangju Airport : 50 min
  • By Railway/ Road
    - KTX, SRT Jeongeup station (Seoul 80 min)
    - Honam Expressway, Naejang Mountain IC 2㎞, Seohaean Expressway Julpo IC 15㎞
    - National highway (Route 1) 2㎞, Local highway (route 708) 4 lanes (20m)
    - Additional pavement works on access road to the industrial complex (Gyoam intersection ⇔the industrial complex) : 4 lanes/L3.3㎞/B 20m

Major Infrastructure

  • Water
  • Industrial Water Residential Water Plan of water supply
    8,574 5,070 3,504 Water conveyance pipelines will be additionally installed to the existing water supply lines in the near areas
  • Wastewater and Sewage Treatment
  • total (㎥/day) Industrial wastewater Domestic wastewater Plan of water treatment
    4,108 1,503 2,605 Jeongeup sewage treatment plant Q=58,600㎥/day (Sewage 35,151㎥, Wastewater 11,990㎥), Currently treated amount: 47,141㎥/day, Spare capacity: 11,459㎥/day
    (Planned treated amount: approx. 4,108/day)
  • Waste disposal
  • Total (ton/일) Industrial waste Domestic Waste Plan of waste disposal
    110 101
    - Domestic Waste: existing landfills and incinerators (Yeongpa-dong, Jeongeup-si)
    - Industrial Waste: waste consignment service
  • Communication Facilities
  • Type Amount of Demand (lines) Plan of communication line supply
    fixed 3,639 The communication system will be established after considering the demand for lines used in all types of information exchange
  • Energy and Power Supply Facilities
  • Type Amount of Supply Plan of power supply
    LPG 27,000㎥/hr Jeonbuk Energy Service
    Electricity 40,321(KW) KEPCO/td>

Features of the Industrial Complex

  • A multifunctional complex that nestles in Naejang mountain that presents beautiful nature scenes
  • A R&D special zone with a number of state laboratories such as KAERI, KRIBB, and KIT in it
  • A hub of high-tech Industries that covers Agri-Bio Industry, pharmaceutical Industry, Microorganisms industry, and radiation industry
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