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[Jeonbuk] Gochang New Invigoration Industrial Complex, Embodying an Eco-friendly and Future Oriented City


  • Location: 1776 Bongsan-ri, Gosu-myeon Gochang-gun
  • Gross Area: 837,370 ㎡
  • Lease Area: 633,502 ㎡ (Industrial Facilities 611,141㎡, Support Facilities 22,361㎡)
  • Completion Date: 2023
  • Target Sector: F&B (10,11), timber and transportation equipments(16,31), mechanix (23,24,25), electronics (26,28,29), restricted sectors

Gochang New Invigoration Industrial Complex

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • By Road (Expressway):3 ICs (South Gochang, Gochang, Seonunsan mountain ), Seohaean Expressway (South Gochang IC↔Seoul, 2.5hr), Honam Expressway(Gochang ↔Jeongeup IC↔Seoul, 3hr)
  • By Railway: Korail Jangseong station(20km), KTX Jeongeup station (30km)
  • By Air: Gwangju Airport (40km), Muan Airport (60km), Gunsan Airport (90km)
  • By Sea: Gunsan Port (90km), Mokpo Port (90km)


Major Infrastructure

  • Water: 3,055 tons/day
  • Power: LPG
  • Wastewater Treatment : Wastewater that meets the permissible discharge standard goes to Gochang Sewage Treatment Plant, but otherwise it should go through the treatment process first within in the business site before it is discharged.

Expected Outcomes

  • An industrial complex that embodies an eco-friendly, advanced city that invigorates the region
  • Business-friendly environment that offers optimal supports to businesses such as allowing flexibility in changing target sectors based on demand and fully funding the down payment when acquiring land in lots
  • The frontrunner that leads future-oriented, high-tech industries by locating high-tech ESG corporations from semiconductor and automobile parts industries.
  • A resource-rich, green city with 5 world cultural heritages that promotes mutual growth in businesses, industries, and the region.
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