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[Jeonbuk] Gimje Horizon Industry Complex (Gimje Free Trade Zone)

Bird's-Eye View

Gimje Horizon Industry Complex

Overview of Gimje Horizon Industry Complex

  • Location : Baeksan-myeon, Gimje-si
  • Gross Area: 2,986,0000 ㎡
  • Target Sector: automobiles, machinery, metal, electrical and electronic components, foods, and etc.
  • Target Business: 110 entities ※ General Industrial Complex 73 entities, Free Trade Zone 37 entities
  • vehiclesㆍspecial vehicle manufacturers (DAESEUNG, Ilgang, HR E&I), Food companies (Royal Canin, Dodram), Research institutions (KITECH)
  • Living Conditions: (apartment buildings) 732 units built by the private sector + 110 units built by the public sector (LH Happy House), (Green spaces) new walking trails and parks near Baeksan reservoir (KRW 40 billion)

Location and Access

Gimje Horizon Industry Complex

Gimje Horizon Industry Complex is located 2 km west of West Gimje IC and 2 km north of North Gimje IC ☞ The most convenient transport network will be established with the construction of Saemangeum expressway (by 2023)

Gimje Free Trade Zone

  • Main Objectives
    - Located near Saemangeum Industrial Complex which will serve as a bridgehead for foreign investment attraction and a Mecca of advanced industries in Southeast Asia, Gimje Horizon Industry Complex will be developed as production and logistics hub, demonstrating its potential.
    - Gimje Horizon Industry Complex was designated on September 1st, with the aims of seeking a balanced growth across the nation by promoting development in Jeollabuk-do and making itself a forward base to advance into the markets of China and Southeast Asian countries. Since then, it was fostered along with the development of Gimje Horizon Industry Complex
  • Overview
    - Location: Bugeo 1-gil, Baeksan-myeon, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do
    - Gross Aria: 990,000 ㎡
    - Period: January 2009 ~ June 2016
    - Target Sector
    manufacturing (foreign invested companies/ domestic exporters)
    electronic components, communication equipments, automobiles and car trailers
  • Land Use planning
  • Category Gross Area (㎡) Proportion of shares (%)
    Total 991,740 100.0
    Building New Factories 716,016 72.1
    Site for Facilities Standard Factory Building 34,440 3.5
    Support Facilities and Government Office Buildings 12,411 1.3
    Site for Public Facilities 123,780 12.5
    Green Areas 105,113 10.6

Location and Access

  • Gimje Horizon Industry Complex is within a 3-hour drive to major cities across the nation with highly accessible transit and road networks
  • By Road (Expressway)
    - Honam Expressway: West Jeonju IC ↔ Seoul (2hr 10 min)
    - Seohaean expressway: West Gimje IC ↔ Seoul (2hr 30 min)
    - Saemangeum–Pohang Expressway (due for completion by 2023)
  • By Railway: Gimje (KTX)↔ Seoul(2hr), Iksan (KTX) ↔ Seoul(1hr 20 min)
  • By Air
    -Gunsan Airport: Gunsan ↔ Jeju (twice per day)
    - Saemangeum New Port: the 5th mid to long-term airport development plan
  • By Sea
    - Gunsan Port (Berthing capacity: 31 berths for vessels with 50,000 DWT, Annual throughput: 18.411 million tons)
    - Saemangeum New Port (9 berths for vessels with 100,000 DWT)

Main Infrastructure

Category Capacity Note
Water Industrial Water 9,334.9 ㎥/day Geumgang Multi-Regional Water Supply (sedimentation)
Residential Water 3,363.3 ㎥/day Jeonju Multi-regional water supply (purified water)
오·폐수 Industrial Wastewater 3,784.0 ㎥/day Wastewater is sent through pumps in the industrial complex to Gimje Sewage Treatment Plant
Domestic Wastewater 2,597.5 ㎥/ day
Electricity Industrial Site 109,593 kw One electrical substation will be built in the industrial complex
Support Facilities Site 30,466 kw
LNG Industrial Site 1,014,522 Gcal/year Jeonbuk City Gas Co Ltd
Support Facilities Site 38,861 Gcal/year
※ Building Coverage Ratio 80%, Floor Area Ratio 350%

Expected Outcomes

  • An industrial complex that meets demands from new industries that are expected to arise along with Saemangeum Industrial Complex
  • A multifunctional complex that covers commercial, residential and business areas
  • Upmost efforts in attracting investment in the Free Trade Zone with foreign and exporting companies at its heart
  • Attracting companies of region-specific industries where Jeollabuk-do puts strategic significance such as automotive parts, agricultural machinery, and what's called 'root industry' meaning fields that use processing technology such as casting, molding, welding and heat treatment.
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