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[Jeonbuk] Iksan General Industrial Complex No.3 (Foreign Investment Zone in Iksan)

Bird's-Eye View

Gimje Horizeon Industrial complex


  • Location: Samgi-myeon/ Nangsan-myeon Iksan-si (Iksan General Industrial Complex No.3)
  • Gross Area: 169,805.3 ㎡
  • Requirements: 100% foreign-invested companies, foreign invested companies with over 30% of shares held by foreigner investors
  • Rent: KRW 103/㎡, a monthly rate of KRW 34/ pyeong (1㎡ = 0.3025 pyeong) ⇒ Those who invest over USD 5 million are qualified to stay rent-free for up to 50 years (renewable)
  • Target Business: parts and components, medical device, automotive and precision machinery, machine components, electrical and electronic equipments, metal chemicals, etc.

Location and Access

  • By Road (Expressway): Honam Expresswya Iksan IC ↔ Seoul (2hr)
  • By Rail: Iksan (KTX) ↔ Seoul (1hr 6 min)
  • By Air: Gunsan Airport (25 min)
  • By Port: Gunsan Port (25 min)

Major Infrastructure

Type Current Capacity
Water Industrial Water: 10,503 ㎥/day
Residential Water: 1,459 ㎥/day
Electricity Supply Plan : 712,969 Mwh/year
Communications System High speed broadband communications : 3,426 lines
Wastewater Treatment New waste water treatment plant
Treatment Capacity: 8,358 tons/day)
에너지 공급 Energy Supply: LNG
Energy Consumption: 2,046,238 Gcal/year


  • Phone: 063) 859-5225
  • E-MAIL :
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