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[Jeonbuk] Iksan Foodpolis National Food Cluster


  • Location: Dongcheon-ri, Wanggung-myeon, Iksan
  • Gross Area: 2,321,000 ㎡ (Foreign Investment Zone: 207,000㎡)
  • Rent in Foreign Investment Zone: KRW 126/㎡ (monthly)
  • Target Business: Food and Beverage Manufacturers and etc.

Logistic Supply Chain

  • By Railway: KTX․SRT stations (Seoul 66 min/58 min), An inland railway system for the national food cluster connecting from Honam, Jeolla, Janghang lines to Seamangeum port is due to be constructed
  • By Road (Expressway): Honam, Seohaean, Iksan-Pohang, and Iksan-Pyeongtaek (2024) Expressways
  • By Road (Highway): Gunsan - Daejeon National highways (route 1, 21, 23, 26, 17), Hanaro road (Yeonmu IC)
  • By Air/ Sea: Saemangeum International Airport (2029), Saemangeum New Port (2025) *Export access to China and Southeast Asia, located in the proximity of Gusan Airport and Gusan Port (about 30 min)



Location and Access

Type Leg Km Hour
By Road (Expressway) Iksan ↔ Seoul 210 km 2hr 20 min
Iksan ↔ Yongsan
Iksan ↔ Gwangmyeong
Iksan ↔ Suseo
240 km 1hr 06 min
55 min
58 min
By Air Iksan ↔ Incheon
Iksan ↔ Gunsan
2hr 30 min 25 min
By Port Iksan ↔ Gunsan 30 km 25 min

Iksan Foodpolis National Food Cluster

Support Facilities Designated for Food Companies

  • "Food Industrial Complex" set by the government to lead the global food market
  • Innovative support facilities
    - Korean National Food Cluster: comprehensive support for businesses and labs in the complex
    - Food Packaging Center: design and quality improve of food containers, analysis on safeness of food containers
    - Food Quality and Safety Center: self quality, nutrition analysis, sensory evaluation, HACCP certification
    - Functional Food Evaluation Center: efficacy evaluation for ingredients of functional foods
    - Pilot Plant: prototype production and toll manufacturing
    - Food Venture Center: food manufacturing factories for lease
    - Sauce Industrialization Center: ingredient extraction and concentration of sauces, prototype production, and support for recipe development
    - HRM Technology Center: support for food sterilization, freezing and defrosting, packaging
    - Functional Food Styling Center: development and design of the most optimal forms for functional foods
    - Agri-Food Distribution Center: Storage (fridge, freezers, and room temperature), procuring and brokering service
    - Youth Startup Square (due for completion by Jan. 2024): startup incubation programs, experience centers, amenities
    - Functional Ingredient Bank (due for completion by Mar. 2024): extraction, storage and development of functional ingredients

Bird's-Eye View


Expected Outcomes

  • Iksan Foodpolis National Food Cluster Phase 2, selected as one of thenational new industrial complexes, will become the best food clusters in Korea
  • Further growth will be made with supportive projects (12 support facilities) designed for food businesses
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