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World's Best Digital Infrastructure

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World’s Best Digital Infrastructure

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Korea have ranked 1st in the world for a third consecutive year. Digital infrastructure in Korea is at the world-class level. Korea succeeded in commercializing the world’s first 5G network (Apr. 2019), proving that the country is a global leader in the ICT field.
Please refer to the information below Please refer to the information below
South Korea ICT Penetration Rate 1st place (2018~2020)
  • Percentage of households with Internet access at home (2020)
    • 1st place South Korea 95%
    • 3rd place United Kingdom 99.7%
    • 3rd place USA 97.3%
    • 4th place Netherlands 97%
    • 7th place Germany 95.8%
    • 8th place Spain 95.4%
    • 16th place Austria 90.2%
    • 20th place Italy 88.1%
  • Broadband internet penetration rate (2020)
    • 1st place South Korea 84.8%
    • 4th place Sweden 75.0%
    • 5th place Spain 73.1%
    • 10th place Finland 57.3%
    • 18th place France 33.7%
    • 24th place Canada 22.1%
    • 30th place USA 16.4%
  • 5G Download Speed (2020)
    • 1st place Saudi Arabia 414.2Mbps
    • 2nd place Korea 312.7Mbps
    • 3rd place Australia 215.7Mbps
    • 4th place Taiwan 210.2Mbps
    • 5th place Canada 178.1Mbps
    • 6th place Kuwait 171.5Mbps
    • 7th place Switzerland 150.7Mbps
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※ Source: World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020, OECD, Open Signal (2022), Statista

Korea’s E-Government Exported Abroad

Korea stands atop the UN E-Government Survey’s e-participation index for the second time and holds the 2nd rank in the E-Government Development Index.
Being highly recognized for its outstanding quality, Korea’s e-government system has been exported to many countries around the world.
The excellence of Korea’s e-government demonstrates the government’s commitment to digitalization as well as the strength of the country’s digital infrastructure.
Please refer to the information below Please refer to the information below
E-Government Development Index (2020)
  • 1st place Denmark
  • 2st place South Korea
  • 5st place Australia
  • 7st place UK
  • 9st place USA
  • 11st place Singapore
  • 14st place Japan
  • 21st place UAE
  • 25st place Germany
  • 28st place Canada
  • 45st place China
Online Participation Index (2020)
  • 1st place South Korea
  • 1st place USA
  • 1st place Estonia
  • 4st place Japan
  • 4st place New Zealand
  • 6st place UK
  • 9st place China
  • 16st place Canada
  • 18st place Brazil
  • 29st place India
  • 35st place Spain
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※ Source: 2022 UN E-Government Survey (Sep. 2022)