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Rising E-Commerce Market

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Large E-Commerce Market per Capita

The e-commerce industry is showing rapid grow in Korea. According to the 2021 global e-commerce share of retail sales, Korea ranked 5th in the world. The key items that led the expansion of Korea's online market are electronic home appliances, fresh foods, and processed foods. They continue to grow boosted by the development of logistics system such as improved convenience of the online payment system, rocket delivery and early-morning delivery.
Country-by-Country Forecast of Retail E-Commerce
As of 2021 (Unit: %)
세계 전자상거래 소매판매 점유율 순위 (2021년) 표로 순위별 국가, 점유율 정보 제공
Ranking 1 2 3 4 5
Country China US UK Japan Korea
Amount 52.1 19.0 4.8 3.0 2.5
※ Source: Korea SMEs and Startups Agency, eMarketer
Annual E-Commerce Sales
Please refer to the information below Please refer to the information below
Annual E-commerce Sales : Sales(2015-2019), Share (%)
2017 2018 2019 2020
Sales(USD 1bln) 61.4 (USD 1bln) 75.3 (USD 1bln) 87.4 (USD 1bln) 109.5 (USD 1bln)
Share(%)2) 16.2% 18.8% 21.4% 26.7%
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1) Exchange rate (as of Jan.31, 2023) 1USD = 1,238 KRW
2) E-commerce share of total retail sales (%)
※ Source: Statistics Korea, Online shopping trends