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About Invest Korea Market Place (IKMP) program

Our mission is to identify and support promising & innovative startups, venture companies and SMEs in Korea with investment promotion and global market entry. We work through KOTRA's 36 investment promotion overseas offices to promote these qualified projects connecting global investors who wish to invest and seek business opportunities in Korea.
IKMP program was launched in 2017 and during two years we have selected 288 projects through pre-screening process.
IKMP provides companies from wide spectrum of 14 industry categories below such as ICT, Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Consumer goods, Real Estates, etc.
Please enjoy spotting promising companies and frequently visit our IKMP website for we are continuously adding up new projects.

Selection Process

  • Companies and organizations seeking for global investment apply for the project.
  • Selections are made after a review process by internal and external consultants. Selected projects are supported for 2 years.
  • Providing investment promotion materials: a factsheet introducing the project in 3 languages of Korean, English and Chinese(1~2pages).
  • Support in finding qualified global investors through KOTRA's 36 investment promotion overseas offices.
  • Projects are presented at Invest KOREA website. Companies are offered to participate in Kotra's various investment promotion event.
Please refer to the information below Please refer to the information below
  • Companies and Institutions Apply
  • Selection Process(Consultant)
    • Produce materials for investment
    • Find qualified investors
    • investors Translation and other support
    • KOTRA Investment trade center
    • KOTRA Headquarters
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