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    Drug Development: MT101(Parkinson's Disease), MT102(Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
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    MTHERAPHARMA Co., Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative multi-target driven-disease modifying therapeutics for chronic incurable diseases.
    We have Symthomics as MTHERA's platform technology to accelerate the discovery of multi-target drug candidates by MTHERA-CODA system (AI-based in silico system) and the most cutting-edge technology of multi-omics integration, systems biology and bioinformatics.
    For therapeutic consistency, we have established CMC technology to satisfy totality of evidence required for the global standard of Regulatory Authorities (FDA & EMA) from raw materials to final product.
    We are pioneering multimodal botanical drugs that simultaneously improve the various causes of disease to address unmet medical needs.