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    aluminum kining paper cup
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    2023 aluminum lining paper cup brochure.pdf [View] [Download]
  • Company Profile
    HAADANG developed health safe aluminum lining paper cup.
    It can also contribute to prevent climate using reusable coffee cup.
    It is unique technology in the world.
    This cup is very good for coffee cup and ramen cup and food bowl.
    Potential market revenue is expected 2~3 billions USD annually.
    HAADANG is start-up now, and cooperative factory is exist, But need some investment to install facilities and hiring employees.
    I hope to receieve above 1~20 million USD, more money is more good to correspond with rapid increasing demand.
    This cup may be proper to Starbucks personal reusable coffee cup.
    You can refer belows.
    You can see more documents
    If you have concern about investing this business.
    Then contact me.
    South Korea HAADANG CEO
    Byung Yun Lim
    +82 10 5491 9225