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    Mings PM Inc.
  • Business Sector
    Information and Communication Technologies
  • Key products and services
    PPMS (Proactive Project Management System)
  • Brochure
    (EN) PPMS by MingsPM in Korea.pdf [View] [Download]
  • Company Profile
    We have done many professional PM consulting on various projects such as highways, railways, crude oil storage bases, and cable-stayed bridges in Korea and overseas.
    We are developing an innovative PM System optimized for the 4th industrial evolution with the accumulated experiences and know-how from PM consulting of various projects.
    We have developed a PPMS that integrates various 4th industrial technologies such as GIS, BIM, Point Cloud, IoT, and CCTV into an all-in-one platform.
    Our PPMS provides optimal customized services to owners and builders who want to manage construction projects intelligently and digitally in real-time.