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    Information and Communication Technologies
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    3D Surround View Monitoring System for Vehicles
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  • Company Profile
    We, BL-Tech is a tech company from South korea since 2015. We are developing advanced camera system and related software for vehicles.
    We have developed a state of the art 360 degrees camera for vehicles in September 2022 . It is being used by the military as well as commercial sectors, ensuring you get the best possible solution for your heavy vehicles.
    Compared to other systems we provide very high quality and reliability we take special pride in our night vision, high resolution and ability to store and retrieve the video in case of need. Our prices are competitive.
    The  benefits of having our solution are;
    - The equipment is durable and easy to use giving a good 360 3D all round view
    - It has reduced accidents 
    - Proof in case of accidents
    - Faster delivery with less need to go out of the truck
    - Upload and track your fleet in the “cloud” using mobile solutions
    - Driver behavior monitoring using AI can also added 
    * Certified Military Standard Reliability