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[Real Estate / Tourism]
SOLASEADO Samho District Development Project
Date : 2020.12.29
This project aims to activate the new leisure industry by using the area’s world-class marine tourism resources and leisure infrastructure, including golf courses and marinas, etc.

World-class marine tourism resources: Outdoor activities are possible in all four seasons owing to the mild maritime climate (annual average temperature of 15 C) and abundant sunlight, and various concepts can be developed using the region’s islands and lakes, and the clean ocean environment.
Large-scale flat terrain: Most of the development area is reclaimed land on public water, and 99% of the development area is flat. Consequently, the large flat land area can be developed at the same time at a relatively low cost.
Excellent transportation system/easy access: The region is easily accessible from anywhere in the country via Muan International Airport, Mokpo Port International Passenger Terminal, KTX, etc. The area is expected to develop into a major tourism hub of Asia.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 100M
    • Region :