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[Consumer Goods & Primary Industry]
3D Feed Bin/Raw Material Silo
Date : 2021.05.26
Development of inventory management system - The company has developed a system that enables users to identify and manage feed/raw materials loaded in a storage facility without having to get up on the silo, using a laser sensor and a PC or mobile phone. As well as the livestock industry, the system can be applied to all industries equipped with solid silo storage facilities. The system can prevent accidents and injuries as the user does not need to get up on to the silo to check the stock, and the user can properly order and manage grains and raw materials by checking the stock properly.

Grain silo and storage system market - With the development of communication technology due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, storage systems using IoT technology etc. tend to be integrated into the entire system, ranging from management and ordering to delivery. The size of the global silo and storage system market is expected to grow from USD 1.6 billion in 2020 to USD 1.6 billion in 2025, showing an annual average growth rate of 4.8%.

Exploration system using Lidar technology - The company has developed the world's first and best technology boasting F/S 1.5% 3D (volume) detection accuracy, A 20-meter-straight-line detection distance, a 360-degree horizontal detection angle, a 110-degree vertical detection angle, an automatic cleaning function, and wireless communication, as well as the capacity to produce various reports related to productivity analysis, smartphone app, etc.

Technological prowess and price competitiveness - The company has developed a inventory management system technology that offers superior price competitiveness compared to conventional technologies, and which is capable of managing up to 5,000 silos distributed remotely in real time as 3D images, based on a low-cost 3D image sensor capable of non-contact detection of the storage conditions and volume (mass) of stored objects, and WSN at a sub-Giga hertz band that allows the user to select 1-kilometer-long-distance communication and the 433MHz/915MHz band.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 1M
    • Region : North America , China , Europe , Japan , Southeast Asia