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Eye Tracking Software
Date : 2021.05.27
• Technology based on the eye tracking algorithm - The company holds eye tracking algorithm-based technology that does not require the purchase of expensive hardware, unlike existing eye tracking software. The price competitiveness and market expandability are very excellent because eye tracking data is generated using the front camera installed in a mobile phone. The eye tracking technology without installing hardware improves user convenience and increases sales when applied to various industrial fields, such as education, UI/UX, healthcare, games, and advertising.

• Education and healthcare market - The size of the global education market is about KRW 50 trillion, and the demand for virtual education using AI technology is increasing due to COVID-19. There are some research results that the eye tracking technology can be used for healthcare in diagnosing autism/ADHD/dementia in early stages, and the size of the digital healthcare market is over KRW 170 trillion
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 5M
    • Region : North America , China