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Online Short-form Video Editing Platform
Date : 2021.08.20
• Video production tool industry – As demand among individuals and companies for video production increases, the video editing tool industry is also growing rapidly. In the early days of the industry, only simple editing functions were provided, but lately the competition for services and technologies has intensified, with the focus on video editing such as music, emoticons, stickers, and filters. In addition, video template-based services that reduce video editing time and provide various video design elements in advance are becoming a new trend in the video editing tool industry.

• Web/app integrated service for simple creation of short - from videos, especially for marketing and SNS - With the explosive growth of the video production market, the demand for video production is increasing rapidly. However, many video production tools currently focus on producing long-format videos of more than 3 minutes. Therefore, tools optimized for short-form video production used in marketing/SNS are rare. Video Monster Co., Ltd. has developed and provided short-form video production services based on templates, so that users do not have to rely on expensive design experts to create short-form videos and can produce short-form videos themselves without needing any prior professional knowledge.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 3M
    • Region : Japan , Southeast Asia , Middle East