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Smart automatic toilet sterilization care system
Date : 2022.01.24
Smart automatic toilet sterilization care system – WeCanHi produces a compact electrolyzed water generator that automatically changes toilet water into eco-friendly sterilizing water using exclusive active agents (refined salt + citric acid) only. This safe and eco-friendly automatic smart toilet sterilizer, which is not harmful to the human body or the natural environment, has enabled WeCanHi to occupy a unique market position and create a new toilet cleanliness culture.

Toilet bowl market – The smart toilet bowl market is growing continuously as income levels and hygiene awareness in both advanced and developing countries are increasing. The value of the global smart toilet bowl market stood at USD 750 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 1.3 billion in 2025 at an annual average rate of 7.1%.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 1M
    • Region : North America , China , Europe , Japan , Southeast Asia , Middle East , etc (전 세계 모든 변기가 있는 곳)