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[Culture & Contents]
Mobile game
Date : 2022.01.24
• 2D character collection type RPG – Since Nfusion is composed of developers who have participated in famous RPG projects, it is developing games of the highest quality among high-end 2D character collection type RPG using next-generation 2D animation technology. Nfusuion has a high-efficiency technology that can create an animation using only one image. Having proved its technological competence, Nfusion will sign publishing contracts in 7 Southeast Asian countries, and is also trying to sign a global publishing contract with Nexon, Kakao, Tencent, and NetEase.

• Mobile game market – The mobile game market has been growing continuously due to the development of the Internet and graphic technology, and is now growing even more due to the influence of the global corona pandemic. The global mobile game market is expected to rise from USD 59 billion 810 million in 2019 to USD 147 billion 870 million by the end of 2027 at an annual average growth rate of 12%.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 1M
    • Region : North America , China , Japan