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e-commerce Platform
Date : 2022.01.24
• e-commerce platform – SocialBean is the only service platform to generate revenues as an actual shopping mall, even though the number of platforms trying to sell products through influencers is increasing in line with the growth of the influencer marketing market. SocialBean advertises products by using influencers’ actual comments about their use of the advertised products, and shows an overwhelming level of activity (100 times) in terms of the number of transactions compared to competitors. Currently, more than 100 product stores request the opening of a shop every day, and product exports have increased explosively since 2016,at an annual growth rate of 58%.

• Online commerce market – The online commerce market is growing explosively every year due to the development of the Internet and logistics systems. The global online commerce market in 2018 amounted to KRW 3,410 trillion, and is forecast to reach KRW 6,556 trillion by 2022, at an annual average growth rate of 17.7%.
  • Investment Requirement
    • Amount : 8.5M
    • Region : North America , Europe , Southeast Asia