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Invest KOREA, issued monthly, provides news and various information related to foreign investment.
Up-to-date information on new investors and high-performing companies;
Important economic and business news;
Success stories of foreign companies entering Korea or promising places of investment and more.
You can see all the foreign investment-related news you need in one place.
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Invest KOREA Subscription Agreement
Personal Information Collection and Use Policy

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal information Invest KOREA (hereafter “IK”) collects a minimum amount of personal information for the following purpose, and the collected personal information will not be used for other purpose.
· Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal information: Free Subscription to Invest KOREA
2. Collected items of Personal information IK collects the following items of personal information to efficiently provide the service.
· Collected items of personal information:
- Essential items: Name, Email address, Nationality, Occupation
- Optional items: None
3. Personal information Retention and Usage Period IK retains the collected personal information until the following period, and disposes of it without delay upon termination of the period.
· Personal information Possession and Usage Period: 2 years
4. You have the right to deny our collection and usage of personal information. However, if you do not agree then you will not be provided with free subscription to Invest KOREA.
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