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Foreigners can be employed depending on their purposes of entry and types of visa. Immigrants who entered Korea with F-13 or F-21 visas (marriage immigrants) are legally permitted to work. You can find more information at the following websites.
Seoul Global Center Run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, this website provides information about various job fairs, employment support measures, and recruitment details for foreigners in English and Chinese.
  • Website :
  • Contact us : 02-2075-4180
Employment Permit System The EPS provides services to support recruitment and employment of foreigners and employers residing in Korea and offers assistance for administrative processes. Overall information about the work permit system, recruitment and employment procedures, and the types of occupation for foreigners eligible for employment are provided in twenty different languages, including English, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. The EPS also provides differentiated services according to the types of visas, such as E-9 visa (non-professional employment) and H-2 visa (working visit).
  • Website :
  • Contact us : 043-870-8000, 1577-7114
Immigration Contact Center This website provides a variety of information for foreigners staying in Korea. It also provides assistance for administrative processes, employment, and investment.
  • Website :
  • Contact us : 1345

KOTRA Employment Recommendation System

KOTRA operates an employment recommendation system to support public agencies and private companies willing to hire qualified global technical talent by issuing letters of recommendation addressed by the President of KOTRA to support the issuance of E-7 (designated activities) visas.
  • Contact us : 02-3460-7388, 02-3460-7387
  • E-mail :
Qualifications of High-technology Talent
  • A person with a master’s degree or higher in the related field (work experience not mandatory)
  • A person with a bachelor’s degree or higher from a Korean university in the related field (work experience not mandatory)
  • A person with a bachelor’s degree or higher from a foreign university and work experience of at least one year in the related field
  • A person with at least five years of work experience in the related field
※ Anyone who meets one of the above requirements and submits documentary evidence (a diploma or a work experience certificate) can apply for a letter of recommendation.
Types of Careers Eligible for the Letter of Recommendation Issued by the President of KOTRA Eight cutting-edge technologies, such as IT, technology management, nanotechnology, digital electronics, biotechnology, transportation and machinery, new materials, and environmental energy
Issuance Procedures
  • Eligibility confirmation : Applicants must check the eligible types of career fields and occupations as well as employee qualifications of each type of occupation for the recommendation letter.
  • Online application : Sign in as a corporate member at, fill out the online application form, and submit the required documents online.
  • Document review : When requested, applicants must submit additional documents and revise their applications.
  • Validation : Reviewers will check the validation of applicants’ academic and career backgrounds.
  • External Evaluation
  • Issuance: Applicants can download a letter of recommendation from the website.
  • Submit the letter of recommendation to the immigration office (required procedure for the acquisition of an E-7 visa).