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(Amusement Park) Health Care Town

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Healthcare Town Healing Hills

Project Type
Development of a medical tourism complex
Create a world-class medical environment specialized for the region as part of the core project of Jeju Free International City aimed to promote the medical industry and medical tourism
Areas of Donghong-dong and Topyung-dong, Seogwipo, 1,539,339m2
Project Period
Total Project Budget
KRW 1,567.4 billion (public: KRW 218 billion / private: KRW 1,349.4 billion)
Project Owner
Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC)

Foundation for Sustainable Development

Regional Base
  • Over 14 million tourists every year
  • The net inflow of population is on the increase, with an expected population of 780,000 by 2034
  • 62,871 businesses (4.7% increase YoY)
  • Accumulated FDI of KRW 4.9 trillion
Policy Base
  • Support and promotion of the medical tourism industry, permission of freelance medical services, and many other special cases for promoting medical services have been applied in accordance with the Special Act on the Establishment of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Development of the Free International City.
  • Measures have been taken for attracting foreign patients through government-led convergence of medical services and tourism
Industrial Base
  • Infrastructure readily available following the completion of site construction in 2016
  • Opening of the facilities invested in by Greenland Holding Group is likely to attract potential customers (partially in operation)

Sustainable Development Circumstances

  • Pristine Natural Environment
    • UNESCO’s “triple crown” (Biosphere Reserve, World Natural Heritage, Global Geopark)
    • Halla Mountain and Seogwipo ocean view
    • Located at a healthy altitude (200–300m above sea level)
  • Abundant Tourism Resources
    • Multiple tourist attractions within a 20 minute drive or less (Healing Forest, Soesokkak Estuary, Oedolgae Rock, Jeongbang Falls, Cheonjiyeon Falls, Maeil Olle Market, etc.)
  • Convenient Transport
    • Air Direct routes to 12 domestic cities, 16 Chinese cities, and 3 Japanese cities in operation
    • Sea Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal (having routes to 7 domestic ports, 8 foreign cruise companies), Seogwipo Cruise Terminal (opened in 2018)
    • Land Every area of Jeju Island is accessible within a 50 minute drive or less from Jeju International Airport, through the island’s road network which is 3,064km long.
  • Top-Notch Education Infrastructure
    • About 3,900 students enrolled in 4 international schools within Jeju Global Education City
    • 9 out of 10 students and parents are satisfied with school lives.

Expected Effects of Projects

  • FDI
    KRW 1.3 trillion
  • Production
    KRW 5,528.5 billion
  • Employment:
    21,437 persons