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Iksan City and Aram Food Sign Investment and Sales Contract

The Iksan region in Jeonbuk is a rising new investment destination.

On June 11, Iksan City signed an investment and sales contract with for a lot in the 4th Iksan Industrial Complex with Aram Food.

On June 1, Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation signed a sales contract with the 3rd Iksan Industrial Complex to invest KRW 180 billion.

Aram Food invest KRW 1.4 billion on a 4960㎡ plot through the contract.

If all goes accordingly, the company will create 20 new jobs.

Over 75% of the 4th Iksan Industrial Complex has been parceled out.

Aram Food is a food company that specializes in fruit and processed vegetable food products such as sweet potatoes and pumpkin and pizza toppings and will expand its businesses to cover agricultural and fishery products.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (June 11, 2018)

** This article was translated from Korean.