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Jeonbuk-do to generate 130,000 jobs in four years by committing KRW 2 trillion

According to Yonhap News,

(JEONJU=Yonhap News) Jeonbuk-do is set to generate 130,000 jobs in four years by committing KRW 2 trillion.

Jeonbuk-do announced that it would commit KRW 2.633 trillion to generate 134,000 jobs by 2022.

By sector, 11, 922 "Specialized jobs to raise the competitiveness of the region"; 4,396 "Growth jobs to lead future innovation"; 6,991 "Vitality jobs to enhance the quality of life"; 97,361 "Engagement jobs to live well together"; and 13,932 "public jobs to reach out" are planned.

Specialized jobs are those to be created in agriculture, mountain, and fishing villages, renewable energy industry, intelligent agribusiness, and machinery and components industries. It plans to create jobs by injecting KRW 480 billion to grow these industries.

Growth jobs are intended to generate jobs by raising talent tailored to future new industry and the fourth industry.
Vitality jobs to receive KRW 242.8 billion are to be generated in culture, art, and sports in such projects as the establishment of Saemangeum museum, creation of Sinsido recreation forest, and expansion of childcare teacher for pre-primary institutions.

Engagement jobs are to raise the competitiveness of SMEs, small business, and the self-employed, and expand support for the disadvantaged, such as the elderly and the disabled with KRW 683.7 billion. Public jobs are to increase the number of public officials with KRW 359.9 billion.

Jeonbuk-do expects to increase the number of regular employees from 380,000 to 410,000 and the total number of the employed from 930,000 to 960,000.

The employment rate is projected to rise from 59% to 61%.

An official from the Jeonbuk-do government said "we intend to create quality jobs by actively nurturing the sectors reflecting regional characteristics, such as renewable energy and future new industries. To overcome the employment crisis, our government will do our best, by shifting the paradigm of regional growth to be a job-centered one".

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (January 10, 2019)