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Jeonbuk-do to devise 'Jeonobuk style New Deal upgrade' in step with Korean New Deal 2.0

According to Newsis,

North Jeolla Province announced 'Jeonbuk-style New Deal upgrade idea' in step with 'Korean New Deal 2.0 Plan' revealed by President Moon Jae-in on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of 'Korean New Deal Plan'.

According to Jeonbuk-do, the government confirmed Korean New Deal 2.0 as a response to rapid environment changes at home and abroad including ▲ expansion of Human New Deal ▲ addition of new tasks and expansion of existing tasks ▲ change of structure ▲ quantitative expansion.

Accordingly, Jeonbuk-do said that it plans to prepare and implement the 2nd Jeonbuk-style New Deal by expanding and complementing the previous 'Jeonbuk-style New Deal'.

'Jeonbuk-style New Deal' includes strategies and projects to achieve such targets as: realize renewable energy 2550; double the growth of digital industry; and create 218,000 jobs with investment of KRW 20.78 trillion by 2025.

More specifically, Jeonbuk's New Deal includes 27 tasks in 9 areas under 3 major policy directions such as ▲Digital Jeonbouk to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution ▲ Green Jeonbuk to leap forward with response to climate change ▲ Happy Jeonbuk by bolstering social safety net, and '8 leading brand projects' that will provide growth momentum for Jeonbuk.

Jeonbuk-do plans to incorporate new policy directions added in Korean-style New Deal 2.0, such as hyper-connected new industries such as metaverse, cloud, blockchain, foundation for pursuing carbon neutrality, the youth policy of human new deal and disparity resolution policy.

With taking into account sub-tasks by area and sub-policy by Ministry contained in the Korean New Deal 2.0, Jeonbuk-do plans to establish an implementation plan for '2022 Jeonbuk-style New Deal' within the 2nd half of this year.

An official from the provincial government said, "In step with the government's policy direction such as Korean New Deal 2.0, we will devise strategies for Jeonbuk-style New Deal and continue to identify differentiated new projects reflecting local characteristics."

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Source: Newsis (July 14, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.