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Jeollabuk-do signed friendship agreement with Primorsky Kray of Russia on 'Agriculture and Culture', etc.

According to Newsis,

Jeollabuk-do signed a friendship agreement with Primorsky Kray, the central region of the government's New Northern Policy, to to push for substantial exchanges.

With the presence of the governor of Jeollabuk-do and provincial governor of Primorsky Kray, the two sides signed the friendship and exchange agreement online, agreeing on overall cooperation including administration, economy, culture, sports, and tourism.

Jeollabuk-do has been promoting exchanges with Primorsky Kray of Russia for two years since signing a letter of intent for exchange in 2019.

The exchange between the two regions began by linking the New Northern Policy, one of the government’s key foreign policies, and Jeollabuk-do's mid-and long-term plan to expand international exchanges. Since the official participation of Jeollabuk-do in the First Korea-Russia Regional Cooperation Forum in 2018, the expansion of exchange with Russia has been under consideration in earnest.

After analyzing the main industries, common areas, synergy effects, and development potential, Jeollabuk-so selected Primorsky Krai as the region to promote exchanges.

Jeollabuk-do and the Primorsky Kray agreed to promote exchanges in agriculture, cultural tourism, energy, and economic fields through this agreement.

The two sides will consider holding seminars for institutions, schools, and companies in the agricultural field, a common interest, invite local companies and experts to agricultural expositions of the two regions (Dalagro & Food Products, International Fermented Food Expo), and in tourism field, Jeollabuk-do will consider participation in Pacific International Tourism Exhibition held in Primorsky Kray.

When it comes to the cultural field, as the two regions have in common that they are both cultural cities representing their countries, they agreed to promote exchanges in performance between Jeonju International Sorifestival and Marinsky Theatre in Primorsky Krai, and exchanges in Taekwondo.

Jeollabuk-do is also set to conduct business to promote the rights and interest and establish identity of 20,000 ethnic Koreans living in Primorsky Krai.

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Source: Newsis (November 23, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.