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2013 LED Forum to Be Held in Iksan

North Jeolla Province and Iksan city announced Monday that they succeeded to attract 2013 LED forum to Iksan.

The LED forum is the largest forum in Korea hosted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy for academics, industries, researchers and the government to share LED related technology, policies and industrial trends.

North Jeolla Province and Iksan city competed with Daejeon to hold the forum in Iksan. They promoted the fact that Iksan is the home to the LED industry and potential positive effects as Iksan also holds the Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival.

The 2013 LED forum will be held from October 25 to November 3 when the Ten Million Chrysanthemum Festival is planned for, and LED forum is expected to create beautiful scenery with the festival.

Along with an experience zone for the general public to promote the excellence of LED lights in conserving energy, spaces for LED businesses will be provided to exploit related markets.

A North Jeolla Province official noted that the LED forum will serve as an opportunity to promote LED agriculture industry and LED products from the province, adding that it will also add a momentum to sales of sites in Korea LED industrial district in Iksan which is under construction and investment promotion.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (June 3, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.