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Jeongeup to Invest KRW 14.3 Mn in Sewerage Project
(JEONGEUP = Newsis) Jeongeup plans to focus on water quality control and building a comfortable living environment for residents in the year of 2014.

The city will invest a total of KRW 14.3 million in sewer management, installation of draining systems in rural villages and drainage system improvement projects in the next year.

A total of KRW 11.1 million will be invested in sewer management project, which aims to install 30 kilometers of sewer pipes across 43 villages including Deokchun-myeon, Jeongwoo-myeon and Nongso-dong.

The project completed its design development phase this year, and a total of KRW 28 billion will be invested in the entire process to install 54 kilometers of sewer pipes and improve the drainage systems of 2,080 households by 2016.

Draining system installation project for rural villages plans to use KRW 3.4 billion to install 6.9 kilometers of sewer pipes in Ibam-myeon and provide drainage systems to 168 households in the regions by October 2014.

As for Gobu-myeon, the city will invest KRW 700 million and build a waste water-disposal plant with disposal capacity of 70 tons a day and install 3.2 kilometers of sewer pipes.

The city also invests a total of KRW 400 million in Yeonji-dong, Chosan-dong and Naejangsan-dong areas to improve the current drainage systems.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Dec. 26, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.