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Jeonbuk Secures KRW 95.8 Bn for Harbor Development Projects

(GUNSAN = Newsis) The North Jeolla Province (Jeonbuk) is expected to accelerate its harbor development projects this year as it secured KRW 95.8 billion for the projects in the national budget for 2014.

The province announced on January 3 its detailed project plans in 2014.

▲Saemangeum Newport plan

A total of KRW 44.4 billion will be invested in Saemangeum Newport plan, which will enable the province to complete 60 percent of the entire seawall construction process and design of shore protection as planned.

The plan is to construct four wharfs, seawall of 3.1km and harbor site of 524,000m2 until 2020, and 48 percent of the construction process was completed until 2013 by investing KRW 165.5 billion.

In 2014, superstructure work of 1,500m on zone 1, construction of the caisson breakwater on zone 2 and shore protection will be proceeded as scheduled.

The construction of the new port is likely to be accelerated as a total of KRW 4 billion for working design project was secured to push ahead the construction of the breakwater.

▲Waterway dredging projects for Gunsan Port

Gunsan Port is the only trade port in Jeonbuk, and soil erosion has interfered the inbounding and outgoing ships.

The project will use KRW 186.2 billion between 2013 and 2018 to dredge the sea bottom of 1st ~5th ports in Gunsan.

▲Maintenance projects for Gunsan Port

A total of KRW 24.4 billion was secured for Gunsan Port’s maintenance projects.

The projects include the construction of new sea-port warehouses for revitalization of the 7th port (KRW 9.3 billion), construction of a berth in Gunsan Port (KRW 5 billion), development of infrastructure and waterfront areas for investment attraction and wellbeing of citizens (KRW 4.1 billion) and seismic reinforcement of seawalls and wharf facilities (KRW 4.2 billion).

▲Development of marina harbor in Gogunsan

Development of Gogunsan marina harbor, which was launched by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in March of 2013 to develop the state-led marina harbor, secured a total of KRW 1.7 billion for its working design project.

The project comprises the development of seawalls and parking lots by investing KRW 30 billion and other investment from the private sector.

It is expected that the marina port will attract Chinese tourists and become a famous tourism attraction thanks to the development of marina industry cluster in the Saemangeum Industrial Complex.

▲Gunsan’s support for passenger ships for residents residing in 18 islands

Gunsan will support up to KRW 300 million for the fees of passenger ships of the residents residing in the island areas.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Jan. 3, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.