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Jinan to Become Organic Farming Hub

(JINAN = Newsis) Jinan-gun became the mecca of organic farming as it seeks to designate 2,000 valleys as organic farming regions.

The county will select 100 out of 2,000 valleys to develop organic farming complexes by 2026.

A total of 20 complexes are constructed and 162 households participated in the project, according to the county on February 7.

A total of 54 agricultural products are produced in a 122.6ha site, including glutinous rice (29.4ha), schizandras (15ha), sweet potatoes (15ha), beans (10ha), brackens (6.5ha), peppers (5ha), corns (3.3ha), wild berries (3ha), potatoes (3ha), balloon flowers (2ha), grapes (2ha), deodeok (1.8ha), butterbur (1ha) and tomatoes (0.5ha).

The complexes also produce sesame leaves, chives, lettuces, spinaches, cabbages, gingers, broccolis and dried persimmons.

Products of the valleys will first be supplied to schools, and put on the market after developed as processed goods.

The county aims to develop local brands and process agricultural and fishery products to sell the products all year round.

The county held a seven-month organic farming training session to provide both theoretical study and practical exercises, and constructed a compost depot and injected soil conditioner to improve the quality of soil in the region.

It improved the quality of its products by developing new process foods and specially-designed packing materials.

The county also developed “Orgajin”, its local brand, and completed the registration of trademark on 100 products.

Jinan-gun plans to establish 100 organic farming complexes by 2026 in the region to step forward as the world’s best organic farming village.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Feb. 7, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.