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Germany’s International Food Marketing & Technology Visits Foodpolis

International Food Marketing & Technology, a German food magazine, visited the Korea National Food Cluster on November 18.

Ian Healy, a reporter from International Food Marketing & Technology, looked around the exhibition room of the Foodpolis and the site where the construction is underway.

"We have focused on the designation of foreign investment zone in the Foodpolis and explained to him all kinds of incentives the foreign companies can benefit from including tax and rent reduction. We asked him to provide all the necessary information to major European food companies," said Ha Yoon, Head of Korea National Food Cluster Support Group.

The Foodpolis, which promotes to become the largest food cluster in the world, is the hub of logistics in the Northeast Asia. Equipped with various corporate support facilities and system, the Foodpolis will provide the best corporate environment and corporate support services to food companies at home and abroad.

Source: Iksan City (Nov. 18, 2015)