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Shipbuilding & Marine Leisure Industry

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Jeonbuk State is emerging as a hub for shipbuilding industry by attracting related companies and fostering talents

Companies: Name, Product, Location
Name Product Location
Samwon Co., Ltd Shipbuilding Gunsan
J.Y. Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Company Ship blocks Gunsan
Shinsan Tech Ship blocks Gunsan
Daeryun Heavy Industries Ship blocks Gunsan
Wooshin Engineering Co.,Ltd. Shipbuilding apparatus Gunsan
TKT Hatch covers Gunsan
Beonyoung Heavy Industry Co.Ltd. Shipping components Gunsan
Universities fostering talents
Universities fostering talents: Name, Department, Number of Graduates a Year
Name Department Number of Graduates a Year
Gunsan National University Department of Naval Architecture 30
Gunsan National University Department of Power System Engineering 30
Kunjang University College Department of Shipbuilding 45
Kunjang University College Department of Marine Plant System 30

Jeonbuk State supports projects to build a complex of shipbuilding industries

Integrated shipbuilding industrial complex
  • Project Detail: Establish a manufacturing complex of ship blocks, shipbuilding equipment, marine plants, wig ships, yachts, motor boats
  • Period: 2013~2016
  • Signed a memorandum of understanding for investment in Saemangeum (15 shipbuilding companies, including J.Y. Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Company, participated, July 27, 2010)
Center to foster creative workers for Saemangeum project
  • Project Detail: Foster workers specializing in shipbuilding, marine equipment and R&D
  • Period: 2013~2015
Testing and verification center for green ships
  • Constructed a facility to operate ship engine research center
  • Operation of the testing and verification center and enhancement of research equipment (2013~2015)