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New and Renewable Energy Industry

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Jeollabuk-do leads new and renewable energy industry by becoming a hub of solar power, wind power and fuel cell

Companies: Name, Products, Location
Name Products Location
OCI Polysilicon Gunsan
NEXOLON Ingots and wafers Gunsan
SolarPark Korea Solar modules Wanju
Quartz Tech Limited Solar plant parts Iksan
Hyundai Heavy Industries Wind power plants Gunsan
Tech aviation wind blades Gunsan
Pro-Power Communication Co., LTD Fuel cells Wanju
R&D Agencies
R&D Agencies: Name, Area, Location
Name Area Location
Korea Testing Labpratory Verification and performance evaluation of solar energy Buan
New and Renewable Energy Material Development Center Solar R&D Buan
Korea Printed Electronics Center Research and development of next generation materials for solar cells Jeonju
Jeonju Center of Korea Basic Science Institute Research and development of next generation materials for solar cells Jeonju
Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials Performance evaluation of wind blades and speed increasors Buan
Korea Institute of Energy Research R&D and performance evaluation of hydrogen fuel cells Buan

Jeollabuk-do is growing into a global mecca of green growth by building a new and renewable energy cluster

Buan New and renewable energy complex (355,000㎡)
  • The only complex for empirical study, industry and promotion
  • Empirical Study: sunlight and solar heat (Korea Testing Laboratory), solar power (New & Renewable Energy Material Development Center) wind power (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials), fuel cells (Korea Institute of Energy Research)
Saemangeum solar power cluster (2.237 million ㎡)
  • Aims to attract solar power related companies and research agencies
    ※ OCI, a global solar power company, invested KRW 10 trillion (1.55 million ㎡)
Jeollabuk-do wind power cluster
Wind power complex (Wido~Yeonggwang Anmado/2.5GW/KRW 10 trillion)
Saemangeum new and renewable energy sites (20.3㎢)
  • Phase 1: Reserach and testing complex (4.3㎢), pilot complex for biocrops (4.0㎢)
  • Phase 2: Solar power generation complex, pilot complex for biocrops (11.5㎢)
    ※ Green Energy Industrial Complex (Samsung plans to invest): Investment of KRW 20 trillion,
  • 2021~2040
    ※ Solar cells, wind power generation, bio fuel, fuel cells, R&D center, etc.