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Daejeon's Medical Tourism Camp Well-received by Russians

(DAEJEON=NEWSIS) Medical tourism camps organized by the Daejeon Metropolitan City Government for Russian youths is receiving positive responses.

Daejeon has been holding medical tourism camps 3~4 times a year since 2013 during summer vacation and has attracted 350 participants through 11 rounds of events.

Russian youths joining the camp can have a medical checkup and enjoy other activities such as language classes, traditional games, cooking, pottery making, and science tour programs.

Camp participants usually stay for 15 days in the city which is also helpful in stimulating the local economy.

Daejeon has a plan to promote the camp to Russian travel agencies and Russian parents with an aim to attract more medical tourists and school trips.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Jun. 30, 2016)
** This article was translated from the Korean.